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Congratulations on your engagement, my friend, and welcome to a world of political intrigue and social complexity for which you are sadly ill equipped. You have just entered a new dimension. A dimension of china patterns, ice swans and boutonnieres. You're planning a wedding, and your bride-to-be expects more from you than a diamond ring and a blood test. So, you better get up to speed, and fast.

From the sweetest proposal to the coolest honeymoon, The Clueless Groom's Guide offers a distinctly male take on the entire process of planning a traditional wedding. It gives you a sorely needed chuckle and some surprisingly useful advice to help you through the many decisions your fiancée will at least pretend to want your opinion on, including:
o How & where to pop the question, and when to cue the marching band.

o How to pick Groomsmen gifts that aren't lame, and groomsmen who almost deserve them.

o Reception sites that offer style and originality…. And why you should avoid them like the plague.

o And far more than you should ever rightly know about weddings.